The Baffins’ return fun day after coronavirus lockdown

The organizers of a favorite community event have been overwhelmed after thousands of people turned out to participate. The Baffins Together event at Tangier Field drew a large crowd of families from all over Portsmouth. The annual event, organized by the Gardening Help Forum, was hosted for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began. Baffin’s councilor Darren Sanders, who was part of the team that organized the event, was overjoyed with the turnout, estimating that over 1,000 people had attended. Here are various fun activities offered in Baffins Pond Association:

  1. Numerous attractions and children’s games

‘It was put together in five weeks, and it’s incredible to see so many people and organizations from the Baffins area come out to make this a fantastic day for the town.’ On the day, families had their pick of activities, including bouncy castles and fairground rides, as well as party games, live concerts, and community stalls. A special Second World War-themed cream tea and dance was also held, with dozens of pensioners invited to enjoy the festivities.

  1. Lunch in the exhibition area

Pat Panter, 86, of Baffins, was also dining in the exhibition area, festooned with red, white, and blue bunting. ‘It’s been fantastic.’ It is precisely what the people require in the aftermath of Covid.’ People have been saying how happy they are to be out and how happy they are that this event is taking place,’ he said. ‘It appears that we can return to normalcy.’

  1. Baffins Pond is a popular and well-loved park in Portsmouth’s downtown area.

The diversified environment incorporates both natural and artificial animal features and a more formal city park. Tangier Road, Hayling Avenue, and Neville Road have trail access to Baffins Pond and Tangier Field, which spans 182,000 square meters (18.2 hectares). Below is the Baffins Pond management plan:


  • Playground featuring a sandpit and equipment for all ages;
  • Recently rebuilt to increase equipment and availability.
  • Both Basketball and 5-a-side goals are available on the ball court. It’s close to the playground.
  • Tangier Field has five-a-side goals.


The pond had “nothing wrong,” according to Ben Dowling, cabinet member for culture, recreation, and economic development, and the authority was awaiting the results of water samples and suggestions on how to remedy the situation. Gardening Help Forum is among the major platforms to keep you updated with the latest event and fun days.