Why Choose Magento 2 Software

Why Choose Magento 2 Software

If you are new to Magento, continue reading the given tips to get started with this platform. Magento keeps on growing fast as the top eCommerce platform ventures. Most of the business owners, retailers, as well as entrepreneurs are looking to take the business to next level with the Magento software.

To make this process simple, we have summarized various stages in this process, all along with useful resources that can help you to get started.

Let us consider some limitations of the Magento 1. This platform was made to be highly flexible. It is one primary driver behind the popularity of Magento. But, flipside of the flexibility is developers can work on this platform and customize this will make user interface highly confusing and tough to use. Website can also run very slowly due to the customizations.

Besides having the steep learning curve & potential slow, Magento 1 lacks on features that the Magento 2 offers, which includes mobile responsiveness.

Why Go With Magento 2 Software?

Magento 2 is a best possible shopping cart for the businesses. It provides a complete range of the flexible tools, which make it the best platform for your stores online. With use of the Magento 2 solution, you may manage the store’s looks, functionalities and content easily.

Following are some detailed points that will help you to determine why Magento 2 solution is convenient and better as the e-commerce platform option:


Higher Scalability & Performance

When compared to Magento 1 software, it’s proven that the Magento 2 works much faster. Use of Ajax actually makes it very convenient for the users to add these items to your cart without any page getting reloaded. This feature of the full-page caching made in a platform can load pages much faster and making it highly scalable for big scale business.

Simple Checkout Procedure

In Magento 2 software, checkout process consists of just 2 simple steps therefore helping the customers with the better shopping experience as well as reducing the cart abandonment. This software offers various options for the guest checkouts without any need for the login or registration. Furthermore, shipping rates will be loaded dynamically when customer enters the address for delivery. When compared to Magento 1 that had six different steps, it’s bound to increase the conversion rate by Magento 2 use.

Final Words

With Magento 2 it’s very simple to integrate the third-party tools or other extensions like payment gateways such as Paypal or Braintree, to have much better functionality for the store.